3 Must-Try Outdoor Activities in Stockholm, Sweden

A day in Stockholm does not have to be filled with museums and tours, you can come experience the city on your own terms. It is not only a beautiful city to visit but also a great place for active tourism. If you want something more challenging, I have picked the top 3 outdoor activities you can do in Stockholm:
1. Sunset Hike and Wildlife Spotting

How about a hike to the stars and catching the sunset on the way up? Hiking in the woods in the cool, crisp night air can be one of the most amazing and refreshing experiences you can have. Aside from it being a perfect way to avoid the midday heat, you get to enjoy the sunset colors of gold, red, and orange decorating the deep forest.

2. Ice Skating in Lake Drevviken

Skate on the frozen waters of Lake Drevviken. Let your inner child run free in a natural ice skating rink in the Stockholm wilderness. You can forget about the city below and just float on the ice.

3. Forest Orienteering in the northern Royal Djurgården

Forest Orienteering is a fantastic sport of finding your way through a forest, bypassing obstacles, with a map and compass in hand. It originated from the Scandinavian forests and has become a popular outdoor activity in Stockholm. You can learn basic compass usage and navigation from orienteering.

Stockholm’s landscape, history, and culture make it a great city for outdoor leisure, with plenty of activities available within easy reach. So, don’t forget to add a little adventure when you visit Stockholm and explore this captivating capital city.